Bolt Burdon Kemp

Increasing Bolt Burdon Kemp’s organic site sessions by 65% year-on-year through on-site optimisations and targeted content campaigns

The Objectives

Following a drop in organic traffic, we sought to make drastic SEO improvements to help increase its online visibility. We were tasked with achieving the following:

  • Increasing organic sessions by 50% year-on-year
  • Improving organic search-led enquiries by 15% year-on-year

The Strategy

Our SEO experts analysed Bolt Burdon Kemp’s existing setup and made optimisations to improve its organic visibility:

  • Keyword research and gap analysis: We identified the most relevant keywords for Bolt Burdon Kemp, and filled any gaps that weren’t being fulfilled by creating new content
  • Competitor backlinks and content matching: We analysed competitor backlinks and content to ensure our strategic approach was unique and tailored
  • Link building: We created new site content and developed campaigns targeted at relevant publications, which was accompanied by additional creative (an interactive timeline and infographic) and promoted through digital PR activity
  • Technical recommendations: We ran extensive audits (across mobile performance, page speed and disavow files, alongside providing metadata and indexation recommendations) to maximise visibility

The Results

Our SEO optimisations and digital PR activity led to significant year-on-year improvements for Bolt Burdon Kemp:

  • Organic search’s contribution to overall traffic increased from 38.5% to 55%, making it the biggest contributor to Bolt Burdon Kemp’s online traffic
  • Organic sessions increased by56%
  • Organic search enquiries saw a 20.32% uplift