If there's one thing to know about us, it's that we're 'people people'.

Which is why we feel extremely fortunate to have some of the really good ones working here. Our teams are made up of committed, brave and curious thinkers from a broad range of backgrounds. People who make what we do possible, and who our clients genuinely love to work with.

We’re proud to be diverse as a company. It means we don’t stagnate, and that we can rely on getting the best of all worlds when it comes to the expertise we’re able to offer. From our multilingual masterminds to our designers, techies, innovators and creators, there’s one thing everyone at Greenlight has in common: the drive to get results and genuinely make a difference. To help our customers grow, whatever the medium may be.  

The team at Greenlight have been really nice to work alongside. They know their stuff, they've really helped drive us and at times challenge us, which is what we needed.

Charlie Harrison
Director of Multichannel, Furniture Village
  • Rooklyn Green

    IT Systems Administrator

  • Katrina Butler


  • Alex Quigley

    Paid Media Analyst

  • Matt Garbutt

    Creative Director

  • Karuna Gudibanda


  • Dan Walker

    Paid Media Manager

  • Peter Gosling

    Senior Developer

  • Tristan Schadler

    Paid Media Analyst

  • Sumi Sothcott

    Digital Account Manager