Increasing visibility for RAJA’s specific search terms through an innovative content and engagement strategy

The Objectives

RAJA’s visibility for ‘gift packaging’ search terms was particularly low, with these terms being highly competitive in the B2B packaging space, we wanted to ensure it owned more of this space to increase reach and ranking. We sought to:

  • Increase search volume for key ‘gift packaging’ terms
  • Grow visibility within Google Search for key search terms above 1.31%
  • Capitalise on pre-Christmas and Black Friday peak trading periods to grow visibility

The Strategy

  • We built a strategy anchored on factual and unique data points to pique the interest of a wide range of audiences and publications
  • We picked up on the rising internet sensation of ‘unboxing’, which sees vloggers film themselves unpacking their latest purchases and giving viewers a preview of what they’re buying
  • We created an in-depth article on the role of gift packaging within the online unboxing phenomena and accompanied it with an infographic highlighting the rise of this trend

The Results

  • We garnered nine high authority links in top-tier publications, including Digital Marketing Magazine, Packaging News, Logistics Business, and Fashion & Mash
  • We secured a 434% reach increase for all ‘gift packaging’ related search terms
  • We saw a huge improvement in key high-volume search terms thanks to technical on-site optimisations and post-campaign link acquisition
  • Ranking for high-volume search terms increased drastically - most ranking in top five positions on Google Search and achieving 80-90% overall visibility
  • Key search terms went from 0% visibility to 90%, reaching position 2 on Google Search
  • Organic visitors to ‘retail and gift packaging’ landing pages grew 54% year-on-year, unique visitors increased by 50% during the same period