Pick for Britain

Delivering 150,000 impressions in one week for the ‘Pick for Britain’ COVID-19 recruitment drive

The Objectives

  • In early-2020, the UK faced a huge shortage of seasonal workers due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19
  • To help address the labour shortage, several farming associations started a recruitment drive aimed at students and people who had been furloughed or lost their jobs because of Coronavirus
  • We set ourselves the objective of leveraging our own creative and technical expertise, to devise a compelling strategy that would help support the ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign

The Strategy

  • Our Creative team designed a series of posters inspired by the World War II recruitment drive and these were amplified organically via social media
  • Our Paid Media team promoted the posters via Microsoft Audience Ads, taking advantage of the image-based ad format
  • The native ads appeared on premium sites including MSN, Outlook, Microsoft Edge, and partner sites

The Results