Legal & General

Increasing Legal & General’s conversion rate by 557% using audience profiling

“Greenlight's audience focused approach has delivered results above and beyond targets and expectations. We have been impressed with how the team have worked to understand and segment our consumers, whilst leveraging Bing's targeting capabilities to drive efficient growth.”

Christopher Price, Digital Marketing Manager, Legal & General

The Objectives

  • The finance industry had become very crowded, very quickly, which was having a snowball effect on search
  • This, coupled with time-poor and demanding customers, was leading to a decrease in loyalty
  • We were challenged with devising a strategy aimed at driving more applications at a more efficient rate
  • In order to achieve this, we had to look for new and innovative ways to engage with L&G’s desired audience

The Strategy

  • We tweaked the ad groups within two of L&G’s highest traffic-driving campaigns in order to fit the profiles of seven different audience segments
  • Unique ad copy was written for each individual segment based upon its key characteristics
  • We matched this tailored ad copy with the specific ‘psychological intent’ of the people within each segment, which saw us coin the campaigns as ‘Psychology Strand’ campaigns
  • We then compared the performance of the campaigns targeting the specific audience segments against the campaigns targeting everybody else

The Results

  • We increased completed applications by 280%
  • The ‘Psychology Strand’ campaigns delivered a CVR increase of 523%, with the overall CVR of all campaigns increasing by 557%
  • The campaigns delivered at a -80% CPA
  • The average investment value of people who had converted via our campaigns was 215% higher
  • Revenue increased by 1098%