Helping Hiscox to achieve first organic position for highly competitive ‘professional indemnity insurance’ keywords

“Greenlight has a very strong grasp of the YMYL SEO landscape. The SEO consultancy team have produced a set of clear on-page actions on the back of all major post-Medic Google algorithm updates, and methodically improved our professional indemnity on-page footprint over a twelve month period. The effort delivered impressive year-on-year commercials and enabled us to post record monthly sales figures.”

Cem Ernaz, SEO Specialist, Hiscox

The Objectives

  • Hiscox sought to improve its organic ranking for ‘professional indemnity insurance’ keywords
  • This area of search is highly scrutinised by Google and incredibly competitive, with 15,000 searches per month
  • The keywords were also being targeted by Hiscox’s competitors, with some achieving three simultaneous rank listings

The Strategy

  • Having monitored the SERP landscape through many core and industry-focused Google algorithm updates, we were able to get a firm grasp on the key elements that Hiscox’s landing page would need to provide in order to rank well
  • Working on-page, we raised the professional indemnity topic’s internal site authority and, consequently, its position in SERPs

The Results

  • We achieved first organic position for the ‘professional indemnity insurance’ keywords
  • As a result, Hiscox’s site traffic immediately increased by 27% and, after a month of ranking at position one, traffic was 75% higher than at the same time the previous year
  • The campaign saw a revenue increase of 40% and a 20% uplift in sales