Amplifying ghd’s international social media presence through an innovative and engaging paid social strategy, tailored to local audiences

The Objectives

Cement Christmas paid social activity as ghd’s biggest international campaign yet, to reassert its leading position among a new, younger female audience.

  • Develop a three-phased campaign across all markets entailing: activation and reach, and engagement and sales
  • Grow ghd’s younger female audience segments during the activation and reach phase, focusing on first-time buyers, and encouraging product engagement and upselling
  • Drive 4.8 million impressions (UK)
  • Deliver 2% sales increase year-on-year (UK)
  • Generate engagement through tailored creatives

The Strategy

  • We identified core target audiences across markets and developed a targeting strategy focused on remarketing, lookalike audiences and prospecting tactics, while optimising budgets
  • We paired creatives to each phase and market, testing to identify new wins in each country
  • During Black Friday trading period, we updated creative every three days with refreshed countdown messaging to avoid ad fatigue while increasing engagement
  • We used different ad formatting for each campaign phase:

Activation and reach

  • Engaging and storytelling ad formats such as Carousel or Canvas ads


  • Carousel video ads with ‘how-to’ information


  • Single and Carousel ads with strong ‘Shop Now’ call-to-actions alongside remarketing Dynamic Product Ads in the last phase to help increase click-through-rate and conversions
  • We made daily revisions and optimisations to improve performance across markets

The Results

  • We achieved 120% impression volume ahead of plan
  • Cost per mille (CPM) was £1.34 vs our £3.43 target
  • Click-through rate (CTR) during each phase was above target and above the UK industry benchmark
  • Sales in the UK increased by 552% thanks to the campaign