How to reach your audience through Amazon, even if you’re not a retailer

By Johan Holmberg | 24 Jul 2020

Amazon, as a top online marketplace, offers huge opportunity for businesses to reach out to, and interact with, over 300 million users worldwide. It’s often assumed that advertising on the platform is solely for retail businesses, however, due to its substantial reach and continuous expansion, other verticals can also benefit from the advertising options and leverage the wide network.

Amazon has tons of first-party data and is a key platform for advertisers to consider when planning their media spend, even for non-retailers and businesses that aren’t active sellers. It’s a great way to share a brand message and value proposition with prospects on the platform.

For businesses that are selling products on Amazon, setting up an Amazon Store Page should be a top priority. The page features all the products that a business is selling and surrounds them with lifestyle imagery, making it possible to present the value of the brand and what it stands for to potential customers.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and Premium A+ Content (PAPC) on Product Detail Pages are other key elements to include for branding purposes as they unlock additional media-rich options which allow for the brand message to be presented in a unique way. They also highlight product differentiators through custom imagery, giving potential customers an idea of how a specific product fits into their life.

Sponsored Brand Ads and Videos that appear on Amazon search result pages usually have a product focus, however this doesn’t always have to be the case. It’s also possible to focus more on the branding aspect by being creative and utilising custom imagery to really bring the brand message across.

Finally, Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) gives brand advertisers access to inventory on Amazon-owned sites, allowing businesses to leverage the data that Amazon has about its customers and present a tailored message based on the user type or persona. Amazon DSP also provides access to sites within the Amazon network which will allow an even broader reach for advertisers. An example of this being ‘IMDb’ which offers even more relevant options for businesses within the entertainment sector. 

There are an array of advertising options within the Amazon platform with different formats and branding possibilities, both for retail and non-retail advertisers. And the platform certainly has the potential to expand and become even more comprehensive in the future.