A day in the life of a… Digital PR & Outreach Specialist

By Jacob Roberts-Mensah | 09 Mar 2018

Name: Jacob Roberts-Mensah

So, what do you do?

Get links! I also contribute to the planning and conceptualisation process of campaigns, but ultimately my job is to help secure relevant, authoritative links back to campaigns.

What's on the agenda for today?

09h00: In the morning, I'm always keen to see if any journalists have responded to any pitch emails overnight. Usually my inbox is filled with internal emails, so I try and sort through those nice and early.

11h00: We've just had two new ideas signed off, so I'll need to review the Outreach section of the statement of work (SOW) for them, and begin planning based on what we set out to do. Then I'll have a meeting to review the SOW and flag any concerns at this stage.

12h00: I'm sending some more outreach emails - emailing takes up a lot of my day if I'm honest. I'll either follow up on an existing campaign or reach out to contacts for a new campaign.

14h00: There's a campaign due to go live soon, so I'm building a list of contacts to email once the campaign has gone live.

16h00:  More emails! But this time, rather than reaching out to journalists, I'll be trying to get through to experts and influencers to take part in an exciting campaign we're working on.

What's the best thing about your job?

I really enjoy the creative side of things that come into play when planning. It's a real pleasure to come up with an idea and see it come to life. The thrill of using lateral thinking to create something that's genuinely cool, but that's also linked to what the client does, is fun.

But it doesn't always go right; ideas aren't always as successful as you'd hoped, sometimes people don't like the ideas, or there could be SEO implications which mean creatives need to be reviewed - but when everything does work out, it's good.

I enjoy getting the backing of all stakeholders across various teams. As the famous Billy Graham quote goes, there's a certain thrill in "taking a stand and sticking to it fearlessly."

What's for lunch?

I need a Leon Fish Finger wrap - I'm treating myself.

How did you get started in digital marketing?

After my degree (I studied Business Administration at the University of Kent), I knew I was interested in marketing and advertising, so I wanted to work at an agency, and from there I got started as a Digital PR and Social Media intern and have had numerous Digital PR roles over the years since.

Plans this evening?

I'm heading to a bible study this evening then getting an early night. Contemplating going to the gym too…

How do you keep up with the latest digital marketing updates?

I closely monitor what's happening in the industry and like to see what other businesses have been working on. More generally, within the team we're good at sharing interesting articles between ourselves to inspire future campaigns.

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