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04 th Jul 2009

SEO for BIG sites - How your greatest strength might be your biggest weakness

SEO for BIG sites - How your greatest strength might be your biggest weakness Your biggest selling point: You offer choice and variety through your huge product range. Your biggest enemy in search: You offer choice and variety through your huge product range. Could your vast product range be hampering your SEO efforts? When it comes to being seen in natural search results variety doesn’t work in your favour. A high PageRank throughout your site is vital for page 1 search engine rankings. However the breadth of large-scale sites makes poor use of the distribution of PageRank ‘wealth’. This is what is known as PageRank dilution and is a big problem for sites that contain hundreds or thousands of product pages.
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04 th Apr 2009

How to build brands through search engines

How to build brands through search engines Think search marketing is simply about clicks and conversions? Think again. Savvy brand marketers are becoming increasingly aware of the power of search engines in supporting brand strategy and recognise that search forms an integral part of the brand mix. As greater numbers of your target audience use search engines to find you, not only are they interested in making a purchase they are also researching your products, brands and company as whole, and looking for ways to engage with your brand, not necessarily with a purchase in mind. Yes, the ultimate goal of any marketing activity is of course to boost sales, but if any part of your remit is to build, protect and enhance your brand you’d be missing a trick if you left search to the acquisitions team alone. For clever and underexploited advice on how to use search engines to achieve your brand goals watch the Greenlight webinar.
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04 th Dec 2008

Farewell Best Practice Funding - End of an era or heralding a new dawn?

Farewell Best Practice Funding - End of an era or heralding a new dawn? For some time now Google has made clear its plans to end Best Practice Funding (BPF). The scheme is worth an estimated £50m a year to EMEA agencies. Launched by Google in 2005, BPF gives agencies a percentage kickback of their media spend on paid search advertising. BPF was introduced to drive growth and innovation within the search space by providing agencies with the funding for skills and technology. As the cut-off date (December 31st) draws ever closer, search agencies and advertisers have to face up to life after BPF. In Greenlight's webinar Hannah Kimuyu highlights the pros and cons of the policy change, addressing key concerns like what to do if your agency uses BPF to discount your fees and whether or not to put your search business out to tender.
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04 th Aug 2008

SEO & PPC strategies to keep the tills ringing this Christmas

SEO & PPC strategies to keep the tills ringing this Christmas Concerned about the impact that the credit crunch is having on your sales figures? Want to know how to boost online sales in the run-up to Christmas? Then read on. We may well be in the midst of a credit crunch and as a retailer you will no doubt be feeling the effects of this, however it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. Your potential customers are turning to internet shopping in their droves, in search of better deals, more choice and a more convenient way to acquire products & services. At no time is this more evident than in the run-up to Christmas. If you sell anything over the internet, you need to be making the best use of search engines from now through to January to attract the right customers at the right time. And with our credit crunch beating tips on SEO & PPC for retailers, this Christmas could be your best yet.
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04 th Jun 2008

Brand Wars - Are your brands for sale?

Brand Wars - Are your brands for sale? On May 5th 2008, Google changed the rules and began allowing your competitors to bid on your trademarked terms in the UK and Ireland. From being the most reliable and cheapest traffic available to you, brand-based bidding has now been dramatically opened up to the same market forces as the rest of your paid search activity. Our Brand Wars webinar will examine how marketers have reacted so far to the policy change, what impact brand bidding is already having on paid search and tackle head on, how to ensure that brand-based paid search continues to be the cheapest and most readily-converting traffic you receive. We’ll be joined by client marketers and technology focused legal experts, for a lively and objective debate. The panel will be chaired by our own paid search veterans and promises to bring you up to speed on this crucial change to the paid search landscape.
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21 st May 2008

Link Building. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Link Building. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Lifting the lid on link building – ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ When it comes to getting page 1 rankings, nothing seems to move them higher and faster than link building. But getting links seems fraught with obstacles. Firstly they’re difficult to get, but get too many and via the wrong techniques and you risk evoking the wrath of search engines in the form of a ban or penalty. So how do you navigate the incredibly powerful, but seemingly confusing world of link building strategies? Well…this webinar will be the best place to start. With years of experience in link building for some of the toughest industries and having come across every technique in the book, Greenlight will be lifting the lid on the world of link building. We’ll explore some of the good techniques, the bad, and of course the ugly...no stone will be left unturned as we go from white hat to black hat and everything in between. You will also have the chance to pose your own burning questions to the panel in the live Q&A session. Whatever your natural search goals are, link building will play a substantial part and this webinar will arm you with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions and have the right expectations from your link building efforts in 2008 and beyond.
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01 st Apr 2008

5 ways to maximise profits in Paid Search

5 ways to maximise profits in Paid Search Click costs are inflating, recession is threatening and customers are becoming more informed and mercenary. Add to that low barriers to entering the paid search arena, plus competition from across, up and down the supply chain, and many marketers are left feeling that paid search profits aren’t as easy to achieve as they used be. This webinar will show you how to sharpen your paid search campaigns and regain control of your search ROI in a more competitive world. Warren Cowan, Greenlight's CEO, will be joined by Hannah Kimuyu, Director of Paid Search, to share five key lessons drawn from over eight years of managing paid search in some of the toughest markets and most complex businesses. Whatever you're spending on paid search, however mature or developed your campaign is, this webinar will help you avoid pitfalls and will show you how to develop more sophisticated, effective and profitable paid search campaigns.