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10 th Feb 2014

Music Magpie and others: Spammy links lose sites' brand ranks

Here it is. Another dose of Greenlight's weekly Blog Watch - the stuff that's got our eyes caught! If you’re not on the floor in a crumpled heap of knowledge after these then you didn’t read carefully enough!
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30 th Jan 2014

Greenlight's top 5 predictions for SEO this year

From Google's Hummingbird being put to use to spot unnatural links, returning customers becoming a ranking factor on Google and misspend on schema - as opposed to authorship, we bring you Greenlight's top five predictions for SEO in 2014.
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29 th Jan 2014

Firms potentially to invest effort in the wrong type of Search Engine Optimisation

2014 is the year of Authorship but it is going to fly right by most companies when it comes to their investing in it to maximise their visibility online and maintain top rankings on Google. This is one of other predictions for 2014, Greenlight unveils in the tenth quarterly edition of The Greenlight Magazine, just published.
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28 th Jan 2014

The PPC Brief: Winter 2013/14

This edition of the Greenlight PPC Brief is a collection of articles on one of the biggest trends in the Paid Search industry over the last 12 months, Enhanced Campaigns. Beginning with our initial response to the announcement of Enhanced Campaigns back in February 2013, right through to impacts after the implementation of Enhanced Campaigns.
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08 th Jan 2014

Automotive Dealers - Using a digital campaign to bring buyers to your bricks-and-mortar showroom

Automotive Dealers - Using a digital campaign to bring buyers to your bricks-and-mortar showroom Vast fortunes are spent every year by all the major car manufacturers, pushing a brand image, selling form, function and technology as much as 'the dream' of ownership through television, radio, press and online. But, sooner or later, the customer has to interact with an independent third party, i.e. visit a dealer's website, go into a dealership and interact with the dealer.
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19 th Dec 2013

Enhanced Campaigns: Thinking beyond the keyword and putting the audience first

5 months since Enhanced Campaigns (EC) went live, I find myself eating my own words with the process not actually being that painful and some incredibly exciting new targeting features to match. EC in fact, has turned the Search world on its head, making us think beyond the keyword and instead, about the person behind it. This will see audience targeting become one of the biggest trends for 2014.
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17 th Dec 2013

Mobile technology - Influencing customer shopping behaviour via physical location tracking emerges

For the last few years industry analysts and experts have been declaring that the future is mobile and that using this channel for shopping will soon be the most popular method used by online consumers. While this may not yet be fully realised, there is an emergence of a different use of mobile technology which will offer retailers another way to influence their customers' shopping behaviour - and it's all about tracking their physical locations.