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16 th Apr 2014

Content Metrics - How long is a piece of string?

Metrics are essential to creating a well thought through, effective content strategy. To begin leveraging content opportunities, it's essential to understand content's performance. However, whilst there are a great number of ways to measure metrics, each metric is different.
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11 th Apr 2014

Greenlight to speak alongside Google at Content Marketing Forum

If Content Marketing has got your head in a spin, Greenlight’s Lead Copywriter, Victoria Galloway, will be setting the record straight as she takes to the stage to deliver a keynote at Google Campus, alongside Google’s Eli Lassman, Head of B2B Marketing, UK & Ireland.
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09 th Apr 2014

Copywriting vs Content Marketing: The future of good content looks remarkably like good journalism

There's so many different types of content. But what’s the difference between copywriting and content marketing? Do they go hand in hand or are they completely different? And are the lines between good content and good journalism beginning blurr?
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03 rd Apr 2014

Google finally gets patent for the Panda algorithm

Since its launch in February 2011, the Panda algorithm has been a hot topic among the SEO crowd and a patent filed recently offers a bit of insight into its workings.

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