Warren Cowan

Warren Cowan

Warren Cowan is CEO at Greenlight which he founded in 2001. Warren has worked exclusively in the search marketing industry for over 13 years. He has developed unrivalled search knowledge and a unique perspective on the growth and movement of the industry, while actively directing and driving the company's 115 strong team in its global growth and product development.

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31 st Oct 2007

In search of an edge

Spend on internet marketing is growing like never before. The sector is propping up the UK advertising economy with an extra £1.3bn in the first half of this year alone, according to the IAB. Search engine marketing continues to be the online medium that is attracting marketing spend. Nearly 60 per cent of all online budgets are being committed to those most innocuous yet powerful little text ads, proving that media doesn't have to be rich to produce the great returns marketers are looking for.
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31 st Jul 2007

What do search engines like so much about Wikipedia?

If you've done a search in just about any vertical and were the type to take slightly more notice of who's where on the page, you'd have been hard pressed not to have repeatedly come across Wikipedia ranking just about everywhere. Initially confined to academic searches and purely reference searches, the strength of Wikipedia has seen it popping up for increasingly Generic and more commercially oriented phrases, to the point where it seems that almost every keyword's search engine result page, (SERP) has seen some sort of wiki creep.
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07 th Jun 2007

Does search engine optimization take time to be effective

SEO doesn't exist in a vacuum. You are not optimising your site, you are optimising it against somebody else, principally the people that already occupy the coveted page 1 space....and they are there in that space, because they have achieved the highest level of relevance.
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09 th Apr 2007

Are you still trying to recruit a 1 man search army

The specialisation and concentration of the workers on their single subtasks often leads to greater skill and greater productivity on their particular subtasks than would be achieved by the same number of workers each carrying out the original broad task.
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14 th Mar 2007

Search engine marketing is not advertising...apparently

Had a very pleasant conversation this morning with a journalist from Media Week on search, who was at pains to relay that some people had been telling him that search engine marketing is not really advertising, and that the huge and ever increasing percentage on online ad spend being funneled in that direction is skewing the figures on online ad spend.
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22 nd Feb 2007

Why you need a search strategy

With so much information flying around about how to make search engines rank you higher, its not surprising that people have started to absorb that information, and are starting to produce very techncial RFP's.
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08 th Feb 2007

What do search engines like so much, about Wikipedia?

I've been to many picthes and client meetings of late, where I've been asked what it is that wikipedia is doing that has them ranking everywhere, and why does Google like them so much. So seeing as I'd repeated myself so much, I thought I'd share it with everyone here on the blog.