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12 th Mar 2014

Flights Sector Report, Issue 12, February 2014

Flights Sector Report, Issue 12, February 2014 A 360˚analysis of the most important search terms, trends and benchmarking data for flight providers. This report provides an exclusive snapshot of the online search and social media market for your sector right now. From the size of your potential audience to the top performing companies, it’s all here. Product focus: Generic keywords, domestic destinations, short-haul destinations and long-haul destinations.
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11 th Mar 2014

Greenlight’s Head of Social Media hosts roundtable at The Drum’s Digital Convergence conference

Rowan Grace Evans will lead a roundtable debate on the subject of ‘Going beyond the point of sale: How brands must become creative publishers to engage the consumer for the long term’, at America Square Conference Centre in London, tomorrow.
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10 th Mar 2014

Greenlight on Google+

The World Wide Web is 25 years old this month - but what might life have been like had it not been invented? Blog by +Andreas Pouros ?

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07 th Mar 2014

Bing takes action against bad spelling and grammar

Yes, you'll have to mind your Ps and Qs as they could hurt your rankings on Bing. Meanwhile, Yahoo has announced a new ad marketplace that combines mobile search and native ads - Yahoo Gemini, whilst Google's confimed backlinks are still super important. It's all here.
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28 th Feb 2014

Google's official line on best practice faceting

Doodling Is Productive, Google Glass & Search, Linking to Free Content Is Legal & - These are just some of the recent headlines that our SEO, PPC and Outreach folk deem to be worth a read, summary and a share.