Adam Bunn

Adam Bunn

Adam Bunn is SEO and Social Media Director at Greenlight and is responsible for the strategic direction of the agency's SEO consultancy and link building products and services. Adam provides consultancy for clients who include LV=, Santander and Sky. Adam also oversees Greenlight's internal SEO training programme, provides training for the likes of the IDM and is a regular speaker at industry events. 

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20 th Jan 2012

2012: The Year of Social Link Building

What users search for can tell search engines about the strength of a brand, because the strength of a brand directly influences those searches. So here’s my prediction: next year, the confluence of user signals influencing search engines’ perception of brand strength, and everyone being on the “social media helps us build links” band wagon, will make 2012 The Year of Social Link Building.
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22 nd Sep 2011

Pagination for SEO

Late last week Google wrote a blog post announcing a new way of telling search engines about pagination. This has prompted me to talk a bit about pagination from an SEO perspective, what I recommend to clients right now and how Google's new method could change this.
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17 th Aug 2011

Google Mega Sitelinks Live

Mega sitelinks, jumbo sitelinks, super sitelinks. Call them what you will, the test that Google has been running for a week or so on expanded sitelinks appears to have gone live.
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19 th Apr 2011

FBI Poker Crackdown Fuels Rise in Google Searches & FTSE Poker Shares

The big news in online gaming over the weekend is the seizure and closure by the FBI of a number of online poker sites (Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker). The sites are alleged to be in violation of federal laws that prohibit gambling in most US states.
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13 th Apr 2011

Google Panda, Part 2 - Winners & Losers

Part 1 of this post discussed the fact that Panda is now live in the UK, and talked about what Panda actually is. Now we get to the exciting part... which sites are the big winners and losers from the algorithm update?
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12 th Apr 2011

Google Panda hits the UK - Part 1

As of today, Google's "Panda" algorithm update (or "Farmer", as it was originally dubbed by the SEO community) is now live in the UK. This update, designed to improve Google's ability to detect and devalue "low quality content", represents a fairly big step in search engines making the kind of subjective judgements about content that have historically tended to be the preserve of human readers.
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31 st Mar 2011

Google +1 - Striiiiike three, and you're out!

Today's limited release by Google of its new "+1" or "plus one" feature inevitably has the Internet awash with buzz and speculation about its impacts and the implications it will have for online marketers. What do Greenlighters have to say about +1? Let's find out...