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Greenlight’s Ultimate Guide to….Infinite Scroll & SEO

Search engine spiders cannot scroll to the bottom of a page like an ordinary user, trigger the request for more content, and then wait to retrieve it for indexation. Hence content only accessible via infinite scroll simply won’t be seen and therefore won’t make it into the respective search engine results listings.

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Blog Posts

Google’s Hummingbird - no big deal, for now

Google has announced news of what has been a silent shift to a new search algorithm, Hummingbird, the the biggest overhaul to its search engine since “Caffeine” in 2009, affecting 90% of searches. However, whilst Hummingbird will have clear implications for SEO, it is its Panda and Penguin updates – not Hummingbird, that will be the major cause of ranking fluctuations for the foreseeable future.

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Blog Posts

Greenlight’s Ultimate Guide to….the 404 status code & SEO

Every page you visit on the Internet will return something called a ‘status code’, a code consisting of three numbers that communicate to the requester the status of their request for a particular page. Here is Greenlight’s guide to the 404 error and SEO: What it is, the impact on SEO and the possible solutions.

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Audi and BMW top consumer searches for cars, online

In excess of 10.7 million searches were made by UK consumers looking for cars online in August, reveals a report just published by Greenlight. Audi and BMW dominated searches for cars. However, Vauxhall monopolised those pertaining to dealers.

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