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Understanding how online influences offline

eCommerce is big business – it’s now estimated to be worth a staggering £5 trillion a year globally. But that’s only part of the story. Sales through offline stores, branches and call centres still account for over 90% (Source: Forrester) of all retail turnover in most European markets, making traditional channels the primary sales channel for many organisations. But online research has changed consumer behaviour beyond all recognition - the “prosumer” has arrived. Google's David Liversidge, explains.

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Atttribution Modelling - Why marketers must move beyond the last click

In recent years, Google has invested heavily in building attribution functionality for search across our platforms, most recently launching the Attribution Modelling tool for Google Analytics Premium. This focus on attribution might seem odd given Google’s traditional strength in direct performance marketing. So why has Google done it?

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Why Google Is Looking Beyond The Last Click

Customers may make purchase choices at varying points during the search process, and therefore you need to ensure that your search advertising is effective before they have made these choices and not after. Gabriel Hughes Phd, Head of Attribution Google Northern and Central Europe, shares insights on why advertisers would do well to look beyond the last click when it comes to attribution modelling.

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