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Greenlight’s Ultimate Guide to….the 404 status code & SEO

Every page you visit on the Internet will return something called a ‘status code’, a code consisting of three numbers that communicate to the requester the status of their request for a particular page. Here is Greenlight’s guide to the 404 error and SEO: What it is, the impact on SEO and the possible solutions.

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On The Edge Birmingham 2013

Greenlight's Director of Paid Media, Hannah Kimuyu, took part in last week's one-day digital marketing conference, 'On The Edge Live' which took place at the MacDonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham. Hannah spoke on the subject of why a multi-device strategy is critical if you're going to grow in Search.

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Fashion conversations, cocktails and canapés

Greenlight hosted a speed conferencing evening for the fashion industry, which was attended by some of the industry's biggest fashion brands and fashion retail glitterati.

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Why a multi-device strategy is critical if you are going to grow in search

Presentation by Hannah Kimuyu given at On The Edge Digital Conference, Birmingham, 19 September 2013. Key takeaways: •Growth of multi-device •The challenges & opportunities •How to get ready •Success story. Learn about the five steps for finding success with mobile

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