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Facebook ‘Timelines’ - You don’t even know you need it. Probably because it’s not for you

It's a very pretty update, born out of a goal to no longer show people the 'Sam (yes, that's me) of the last 5 minutes' but instead the 'Sam of the last 24 years'. However, we should still expect a deluge of 'Million people against new Facebook' derivatives. People don't know they're ready for this change, similar to when Apple released iTunes. To borrow an insightful comment from a friend, "the ecosystem won't know they're ready for this until they wonder how it worked before." Like a teacher who holds the key to fuller knowledge, Facebook has boldly just told the ecosystem, "you're ready".

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Dynamic Ads... The Verdict so far

It seems such a long-time ago since Google first announced the launch of Keywordless Ads or as they were adeptly renamed, Dynamic Ads. Some asked why all the fuss? Others mockingly coined the latest Adwords innovation ‘the death of the paid search agency’. And who can blame advertisers for asking why they would need the expertise of an intermediary if neither they nor their hired-help needed to do anything? However, what results have Dynamic Ads reaped so far?

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Google Biggest Ever Update?

Just last week, Brett Tabke, WebmasterWorld founder and leading SEO spokesperson with connections to Google, predicted a new Google update before the year is out. When a figure of such repute as Brett Tabke mentions a new Florida-sized update is in the offing, it seems safe to assume the update will be one of significant importance. As such, given his connections, history and knowledge, it would be prudent to take this slightly sparse blog post, seriously.

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Web Hosting Sector Report, Issue 6, September 2011

A 360˚analysis of the most important search terms, trends and benchmarking data for web hosting service providers. This report provides an exclusive snapshot of the online search and social media market for your sector right now. From the size of your potential audience to the top performing companies, it’s all here. Product focus: dedicated hosting, domain name registration, email hosting and web hosting.

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