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Google Flights Search has taken off and will fly high

A few days ago Google officially launched its flights search feature in the organic results. If you search for "flights from London to Manchester" or "flights to New York", you will now see a selection of flights, flight times and what airlines provide services to your destination above the natural search results. With the new feature, Google will certainly distract searchers from clicking on some of the high-ranking results from big aggregators like cheapflights.co.uk, skyscanner.net, travelsupermarket.com and many other online travel agents and airlines.

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EU Directive Cookie Compliance Act – Businesses unlikely to be better prepared in 12 months time

On the day of the new legislative EU Directive cookie compliance act coming into effect, 25 May 2011, were businesses and individual website owners in Europe prepared for possibly one of the biggest changes in the digital era? By the looks of things, not really, which is why the Information Commissioner's Office has given an additional 12 months for the changes to take place. Going forward, the new directive could potentially lead to a rise in companies basing their headquarters outside the EU jurisdiction. The new legislation may also trigger consumers to become more cautious online in terms of their behaviour and the information they part with.

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