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After the ban was lifted – the latest on Google’s new gambling policy

So Google has done a complete U-turn on its gambling policy, allowing gambling ads to target England, Scotland and Wales. You may well have read the news here first in last month's newsletter, when we revealed the search engine's plans the day before they officially broke the news.

Google announc...

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Give your search marketing some competitive advantages this Christmas

We're half-way through the 'golden quarter' and all reports seem to suggest this won't be a great Christmas for the retail sector. Consumer confidence has been seriously knocked by the increasingly worrying economic uncertainties around us. Inflationary pressures, the shrinking availability of c...

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Top stories Nov 2008

Yahoo Yahoo! deals with rival search engines scrapped

Yahoo! received a double blow last this month when Google announced it was no longer going ahead with the proposed advertising search partnership, then Microsoft told them it was uninterested in renewing bid talks.

Google claims ongoing concerns from...

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