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Top Search Stories – July 2008

Adobe Google unites with Adobe to index Flash files
Earlier this month Google announced its collaboration with Adobe to make Flash files indexable by search engines. Up until now any text appearing in a Flash site could not be read by search engines.

The new development means that Google will be able...

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Search Marketing for the Gaming Industry – Top 10 Considerations (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Traffic Report, June 2008.

1.    The 'gaming industry' is not one industry 2.    The big search terms are very big search terms 3.    Limited long tail but not for long 4.    Plan for Seasonality 5.    Loyal users aren't so loyal...

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ICANN Domain Name Ruling, Threat to Search?

The recent ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) ruling, which approved the registering of any domain suffix for websites, could prove to be disastrous for the paid search advertising industry and will no doubt impact natural search in the medium to long term.

ICANN regulate...

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