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Top Search Stories - February 2008

Google improves mobile search service

Google's recent updates to its mobile search service aim to deliver a faster and more intuitive mobile search experience. Instead of leaving users to sift through results from both the mobile and regular search, the new service trawls all sources - including ...

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Exploiting Universal Search - Part 4

What is Local Search?
Local Search simply refers to any search engine that allows the user to restrict the results of his or her search to a specific geographical area by simply adding the location name, postcode, or other geographical cue to the search query.

The screenshot below shows how Goog...

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Are you tracking your search activity or struggling to see the value in it?

The findings from trade organisation European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) indicate that advertisers are diverting spend away from TV and print into online. Much of this transition will see online ad spend rise by over 65% in 2008. A big part of this expansion includes a boost in E...

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