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Web Hosting Sector Report, Issue 6, September 2011

A 360˚analysis of the most important search terms, trends and benchmarking data for web hosting service providers. This report provides an exclusive snapshot of the online search and social media market for your sector right now. From the size of your potential audience to the top performing companies, it’s all here. Product focus: dedicated hosting, domain name registration, email hosting and web hosting.

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Enriching web content with semantic formatting

Looking back over the past 10 years it is clear to see that the web has evolved to become the most powerful and ubiquitous source of information in the world. This richness is changing the way we live and search. In the late 90's and start of the new millennium, web pages were merely basic content, hyperlinked with information that had little meaning to search engines. It took seconds, if not tens of seconds for a single webpage to load using a 56Kb dialup modem. That was cutting edge technology! With the development of broadband, faster speeds and lower prices more users can engage online leading to even more information. The front face of Google's business model has always been to provide users with the most relevant search experience. With all of this information and no way of search engines to actually understand what a search phrase means with content, a solution was drastically required to help search engines actually understand information.

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Finance - Social Media Roundtable

Finance - Social Media Roundtable

Strict compliance regulations in the financial services industry limits the way social media can be used. However, as discussed in Greenlight’s filmed roundtable, there are ways of implementing successful social media campaigns which abide by these restrictions. Watch the roundtable discussion where Greenlight’s Social Media Director, Anna O’Brien and representatives from financial institutions including Barclays Wealth, HSBC, Google Finance and Legal & General, discuss the problems that financial instiutions are facing online. Industry experts share their tips and experiences on what they are doing in order to overcome them.

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