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How to Buy Search - Part 2

How to Buy Search - Part 2

What’s the secret to appointing a search agency capable of meeting your business requirements, within your deadlines and with the ability to build lasting relationships with your team? Perfecting your agency selection process will mean less time spent in pitches and associated meetings, the provision of clearer and more thorough information at each stage and ultimately the appointment of the right search agency for your business. Drawing from more than 11 years experience of pitching globally to businesses like yours, Greenlight’s leading client services team has put together a comprehensive best practice guide for How to Buy Search. Part two - Finding the right fit - Asking the right questions, in the right format, at the right time. - Client case studies – live interviews with Brand Marketers, Procurement Leads and Digital Strategists relating their ‘real life’ experiences of Search pitches. - Q&A with guest speakers from client organisations.

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