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Take the pain out of your Christmas12 planning with Greenlight's Digital Campaign Planner. We've mapped it all out for you!

We've gone and got your #Christmas12 digital campaigns all worked out for you with this beauty. You'll just love it and its complimentary too! All part of Greenlight's initiative to get all you digital marketers and retailers well prepped pre and post the festive season.

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Greenlight showcases Integrated Search Planner for Christmas 2012

Greenlight showcases Integrated Search Planner for Christmas 2012

Integrated Search Planner as part of Greenlight's initiative to help all digital marketers and brands get their #Christmas12 campaigns ready, ahead of the festive season. The planner shows what you should be doing right now across SEO, PPC and Social Media.

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Search and Social Media Survey (2011/2012) - Insights into what marketers should be looking for in 2012

Greenlight’s global “Search & Social Survey (2011-2012)” asked 500 people – from students, law enforcement professionals, medical staff, accountants, lawyers to the unemployed, how they engage with online advertising, search engines, and social networks, in order to glean insight into how consumers engage with marketers today, and to formulate views on what the future might hold. The research re

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Google’s new privacy policy – Likely the most transparent it has been from a search engine optimisation perspective

Scheduled to come into effect on March 1, Google’s much publicised new Privacy Policy and terms, which it says will give users better search results, ads and improve their experience overall, have come under scrutiny from the European Union’s (EU) data protection authorities. They have asked for rollout to be delayed in order to fully verify the terms are not in breach of EU data protection laws. From a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective, Adam Bunn, SEO director at Greenlight, says this likely is the most transparent Google has ever been about how it utilises consumer click through rate (CTR) data in its algorithm. It gives credence to conclusions Greenlight drew from its own research last year which, in Greenlight’s view, showed Google was already doing exactly this.

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