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Take the pain out of your Christmas12 planning with Greenlight's Digital Campaign Planner. We've mapped it all out for you!

We've gone and got your #Christmas12 digital campaigns all worked out for you with this beauty. You'll just love it and its complimentary too! All part of Greenlight's initiative to get all you digital marketers and retailers well prepped pre and post the festive season.

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Search and Social Media Survey (2011/2012) - Insights into what marketers should be looking for in 2012

Greenlight’s global “Search & Social Survey (2011-2012)” asked 500 people – from students, law enforcement professionals, medical staff, accountants, lawyers to the unemployed, how they engage with online advertising, search engines, and social networks, in order to glean insight into how consumers engage with marketers today, and to formulate views on what the future might hold. The research re

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Should we bother with Facebook Advertising if 44% of us would never click on a sponsored ad?

Following on from Andreas Pouros’ blog, I take one of his closing points: “The good news for Facebook is that it could capture around 22% of that search market by barely breaking a sweat”. Although tiny when compared to Google’s 87% share [Source: Greenlight - Search and Social Survey 2011/2012], the opportunity still presents a greater share when compared to the other big players in the market (Yahoo, Bing etc).

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Google’s own social endeavours with Google+ might be more successful than most have initially speculated

Google and Facebook will both be front and centre in ‘social search’. So it won’t be enough for sites to simply be relevant. They will also need to demonstrate qualities that attract social validation and promotion.

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