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What marketers need to consider with their structural SEO

What marketers need to consider with their structural SEO

Structural SEO breaks down into two broad areas. In the first you’re worrying specifically about users and their search behaviour, with the goal being to have a suitable page for any relevant search query so you have the best chance possible of ranking for that query. You’re further concerned with the ongoing user experience once a customer has found your site, too. In the second you are worrying specifically about search engines, their ability to efficiently crawl the site and whether you will have a problem with duplicate content, or thin pages.

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A Guide to Content Marketing

A Guide to Content Marketing

The beauty of content marketing is that whilst advertising is something that people are forced to consume - whether it's by sticking it in the ad break in Game of Thrones or sticking a poster up at your bus stop - content marketing is something that people choose to watch, read or play based on its own merit. Read on for strategic insights to create, develop and optimise your content marketing plan.

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Facebook announces four new mobile ad formats

Facebook announces four new mobile ad formats

A new online platform to help agencies and brands make the most of creative ads for mobile devices. The new tool is designed to allow advertising creatives the ability to review and test different mobile formats on both Facebook and Instagram. The creative hub benefits small to mid-sized agencies and brands, removing any dependencies on outsourcing designers and creatives as well as cutting down on waiting times and costs.

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