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Matthew Whiteway is Client Services Director. He has over 10 years' online experience and a wealth of knowledge and strategic know-how stemming from previous roles at and where he was responsible for the online marketing efforts of  blue-chip clients. Matthew also delivers PPC training and supports his account teams from a strategic integrated online marketing perspective. 

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The Impact of Google Instant on PPC

The hugely anticipated release of Google Instantwas officially announced at Google's press conference today. Whilst Google and users may find the new search facility to be groundbreaking and exciting, the release certainly raises more questions than answers for us PPC marketers!

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Blog Posts

Buying Google and Yahoo search terms BP’s best bet to protect its brand under current circumstances

BP buying up keywords in the "big three" search engines could be viewed by some as a PR masterstroke, whilst others will feel it is just a desperate attempt to stop the public from finding out the true damage of the disaster.

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