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You can roam like home in European destinations, but what about the rest of the world? If, like most Brits, you’re a little unsure of what countries you can ‘roam like home’ in with your mobile provider then help is at hand - we’ve got a handy map to help you get the most out of your tariff when going abroad.

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Network roaming map

Simply select your network and tariff and see where you could be taking that all important selfie, posting that breaking news tweet or boasting on the beach at no extra cost.

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How much do 'EU' know about the European Union?

When it comes to the European Union, confusion reigns supreme – with almost three quarters (71%) of Brits being baffled by the number of countries included within it. Are you one of these conf’eu’sed Brits?

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It seems that Brits really don’t know much about their European neighbours, with Norway (35%), Switzerland (31%) and Iceland (27%) topping the list for European countries incorrectly thought to be in the EU. It appears that Brexit talks are also bewildering Brits, with 25% believing that the U.K. isn’t part of the European Union. This confusion stretches into culture too, with 12% thinking that only countries in the EU can compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.

To coincide with the new legislation, mobile phone providers are going the extra mile and giving Brits the chance to ‘roam like home’ in more than just the EU. And to aid those 9 in ten (89%) Brits who are dumbfounded by the destinations they can ‘roam like home’ in with their mobile provider, we've mapped out how you can get the most out of your tariff when going abroad. Especially useful for the 50% of us who are planning to jet off to Europe in the next twelve months!