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The 12 Days of a Greenlight Christmas

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Victoria Galloway

Victoria Galloway, Lead Copywriter

"Effective content sparks conversations that are evergreen in quality; growing and developing long after seeding. Think about how you want your content to be used and make sure it’s not you talking for your audience but rather your audience are talking for you. That way, your good work will spread naturally and organically. Produce smart content that uses your assets, is entrenched in research, useful information and is ahead of the curve."

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Ben McKeown

Ben McKeown, Lead Designer

"The next big trend in web design has to be designing for performance. How to access web content is now literally in the hands of the user, but you probably have absolutely no idea where that user is. To make it worse, screen-size (or if you want to get technical, viewport) is no real indication of how fast a user’s internet speed is; this is why you must optimise for everybody. An attractive website that renders perfectly to the dimensions of your device, but takes an age to load is an inferior experience to a website that looks basic but loads quickly and helps you to achieve the goal you want faster. Responsive design has truly been a game-changer for designers and in some ways is the great solution to the mobile conundrum. Minimising http requests, gzipping and minifying will never be as sexy or exciting as a slick interface but I think it’s time we started reconsidering our priorities."

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Adam Bunn

Adam Bunn, Director of SEO

"When launching a blog, most businesses settle for creating a subdomain on the basis that creating or installing a flexible blogging CMS on their main site is too difficult and remotely hosting a blog is only possible with a subdomain. However, it’s possible to use reverse proxying to make a remotely hosted site appear as though it is part of another domain, giving you the best of both worlds (a single domain and whatever platform you want to use for the blog). As content becomes more and more important to the overall success of SEO, the extra 10% or so benefit you’ll get from integrating content directly into your main domain can be very important. Goodbye, hello!"

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Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray, Director of eCommerce and Technology

"When a retailer decides to expand into international markets, they need to ensure they provide the most common and efficient payment options for that territory on their website. This gives confidence to shoppers in that territory that their payments are secure and that the brand is committed to do business in their region, which in turns adds further confidence to someone shopping with a new brand they may not have heard of. At present, taking the top 70 countries that transact in eCommerce online, there are over 90 different payment options that need to be considered to support part or all of those payments. While things started more simply with the likes of credit cards and PayPal, things have become much more complex with the need for AliPay (China), iDEAL (Netherlands) and Laser Card (Ireland) being ‘must have’ payment options for eCommerce sites in those local territories."

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Andreas Pouros

Andreas Pouros, COO

  • 1. 74% of businesses don’t have a plan to stay competitive in the new mobile world (source: Ctrl Alt Delete User Survey)
    Advertising channels, advertising targeting options, location services, smaller screens, app usage, price matching, video – mobile is very different from desktop!
  • 2. The average post from a Facebook brand page only reaches 16% of fans (source: The Next Web)
    Are you producing the best possible content and exploiting all mechanisms for achieving the highest possible visibility and engagement? Content quality is now king.
  • 3. 14.3 trillion webpages are live on the internet (Source:
    Why should I, or Google’s spiders, or Pinterest users, care about your website? It’s getting very crowded – what’s your plan to stand out?
  • 4. Spanish shoppers buying from foreign websites account for 44.2% of the overall ecommerce sector revenue in Spain (source:
    Does your website serve the needs of consumers outside your country of origin? There’s more money in doing this properly than you might think!
  • 5. You can reach the same audience you reach at the Superbowl for 25% of that amount online (source: Advice Interactive Group)
    There’s never been a better time in history to cost-effectively reach a massive audience with your messages. How many of us are really, genuinely taking full advantage of that?
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Andy Edmonds

Andy Edmonds, Head of Outreach

"If you’re thinking about developing your outreach network in 2014, step back and consider how you reach your networks; network for maximum exposure and coverage. What is it that they really want to hear about your brand? Create a compelling brand story. Stop thinking about what Google wants and start thinking about how you affect the people that really matter."

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Hannah Kimuyu

Hannah Kimuyu, Director of Paid Media

“Get your Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) in order… Since PLA’s became a paid for channel we’ve seen them go from strength to strength. CPC’s remain low, conversion rates and average order values are almost as high as pure brand; and the return on investment is phenomenal. So how do you make the most out of PLA’s at the most important time of the year?
The Essentials…

  • Ensure all products are in the feed
  • Ensure each product has its own line
  • Ensure all text and images are crawlable
  • Include prices
  • Include images
  • Include product names
  • Ensure the feed is updated daily
  • Product titles must be 70 characters or less
  • Description lines should include relevant keywords"
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Ciarán McManus

Ciarán McManus, Social Media Strategist

"The key to great social media is the key to anything great in life – strong relationships. And no, I’m not talking about building relationships with your customers. You’ve heard that all before. And besides, does anybody actually set out to create bad relationships with their customers?

Instead, focus on those internal and semi-internal relationships between colleagues, and especially between agency and client. Greenlight prides itself on having close relationships with clients. What this means is trust. Our clients trust us to enact a social media strategy that aligns with their marketing goals. Sure, we still require sign off on much of the content we produce, but we do so safe in the knowledge that whatever the time-sensitivity of the content, our clients will strive to approve it as strenuously as we strive to produce it.

In this industry, things move fast and opportunities could spring up in one instance just to disappear in the next. It is at this intersection where great social media can happen. And thanks to our client relationships, we like to think that’s exactly where you’ll find us."

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Matthew Whiteway

Matthew Whiteway, Client Services Director

"All too often online advertisers will push more and more revenue into their marketing channels when needing to increase sales. As a result, online marketing managers and agencies all start forecasting what an increased spend will return from each channel. However, one area that often gets neglected, and could ultimately pay dividends, is onsite usability and conversion rate optimisation.

Using the site analytics is a great way of really understanding where the bottlenecks and abandon points are. A common reason for checkout abandonment for retailers is the lack of “guest checkouts”. The festive period will see a significant change in the type of customer that retailers see on their site, with many now being gifters, rather than self-purchasers, and therefore offering the ability for the customer to spend money without setting up an account could be absolutely key – don’t make it hard for your customers to part with their money!"

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Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn, Operations Director at Hydra

"Understanding integrated search is something a lot of people talk about but rarely ever accomplish. At this time of year many of us are dazzled by the bright lights and tinsel, investing large budgets across paid and natural search in the hope that a vast coverage will convert into high volumes of sales. At Hydra we believe there is a more 'efficient' way to work. By understanding the balance across search as a whole and analysing inefficient spend, you can not only save time but valuable cash for the new year as well as finding new search terms that aren't already being covered, which will provide you with a whole new level of reach."

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Warren Cowan

Warren Cowan, CEO

"The customer’s ability to interact with the digital world as a way to enhance what they’re doing in the physical one, has probably been one of the more disruptive and pervasive factors in reshaping what marketers do, and till now has largely been driven by mobile. It’s been the instigator behind people rethinking their sites, targeting strategies and marketing spends. All that disruption has come about from a simple mobile device that has transformed how the user can interact and join up their worlds.

So what disruption could come about when that device doesn’t need to be picked up? When information is always on. When the visual world is constantly being processed in the background and information is served straight to the wearer. If users taking out their iPhones in your store aisles to compare prices is giving you pause for thought, imagine what a user wandering in wearing Google Glass is going to be doing. This technology will debut in 2014. It’s likely to be basic to start with, but the pace of its advancement will be rapid, and it will be starting out with all the same velocity of something like the app store."

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An SEO Nightmare before Christmas

And finally! A light-hearted way to end our 12 days of a Greenlight Christmas. Tip 12: Don't Spam! Not because people find it annoying, but because if you do, you might just get a visit from Matt Cutts and his Google Web Spam team!

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