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Once upon a time we used to navigate the web one page at a time. This was because web analytics used to be pretty simple. Tracking hits and bounce rates was relatively easy, but the way we use the web has evolved leaps and bounds. Hits don’t equate to success. Web analytics is now about tracking and measuring user behaviour. Human behaviour is often deemed as unquantifiable or simply baffling but analytics methods capture the data behind user actions. So even though we can’t understand why Mr X bought a rose scented shower gel as opposed to the honey dew one, we can understand his patterns.

Analytics set up is key. Knowing how to capture and retain information from web analytics tools that tell us where you’re performing and where performance is generated is paramount. You can only achieve this by raising the right questions and tapping into those answers. Importantly, effective analytics is about finding information that is useful to your business. It doesn’t stop at discovering both your customer’s and potential customer’s data patterns; user testing and qualitative analysis help us to understand why people online do what they do. And we’re pretty good at it.

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17 Jan 2018

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