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We help brands develop social content and experience programmes that position them as publishers and entertainers in relevant ways, that will create engagement with their audience. This helps them develop a relationship with their audience beyond the obvious transactional one. We do this because engaged people stay close and loyal. They talk, write, rave, share, link and like. Their actions drive traffic and are the driving force behind SEO and link building, the growth of your social network and your brand, and they’re more likely to respond to your other marketing efforts.

But attention is short, and there’s a deluge of content and noise out there. And the scrap heap of content that failed to engage is piled high with articles, infographics, videos and other fodder that simply passed everyone by. So we fuse technology, creativity and outreach together to develop a 4 step process that gives our clients the platform and the ability to create relevant content and experiences that move and engage their audiences in multiple ways.

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Digital Marketing Predictions 2015

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18 Dec 2014

With 2015 fast approaching, it is once again the time of year where by our wonderful staff at Greenlight scry the skeins of time and bring out our inner futurologists. If you're thinking about simply ...

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