Market share benchmarks in Google Search - Insurance sector, Q2 2009

Fast facts:

  • 60 insurance providers and aggregators
  • This webinar will uncover the top 60 most visible travel, home and car insurance websites in Google search.
  • 750 insurance keywords analysed
  • The webinar will also look at consumer traffic levels for 750 of the most frequently used insurance keywords including 'home insurance', 'compare car insurance', 'travel insurance' and many more.
  • 8.7 million insurance-related Google searches
  • We'll provide a full analysis of the 8.7 million insurance-related searches made in Google between June and August 2009.
  • Benchmark your Google search performance with this unmissable 1-hour lunchtime webinar.

Live Q&A

This webinar will also include a live question and answer session during which our expert speaker panel will be on hand to address all your search marketing questions.

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