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The SEO Brief: Developments In Mobile & App Search Optimisation

The SEO Brief: Developments In Mobile & App Search Optimisation

SEO loves its tropes; if we’re not insisting for the thousandth time that 'content is king’, we’re predicting that next year really will be ‘the year of mobile’. We’ve become so accustomed to heralding in each new year with this particular forecast that it feels a bit strange to be calling an end to the tradition. But do so I must, because here’s the thing – I think The Year of Mobile just happened.

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Responsive Design for Mobile SEO

Responsive Design for Mobile SEO

It’s not often you hear of someone that doesn’t have a mobile phone, and it’s not surprising to hear on average in the UK that we spend up to EIGHT hours a day on media devices. That means some of us spend less time sleeping than we do on our tech!

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Why a multi-device strategy is critical if you are going to grow in search

Presentation by Hannah Kimuyu given at On The Edge Digital Conference, Birmingham, 19 September 2013. Key takeaways: •Growth of multi-device •The challenges & opportunities •How to get ready •Success story. Learn about the five steps for finding success with mobile

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