Travel - Search and Social Media Roundtable

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Chapter 1 -Introductions and what is interesting right now in the online travel sector. Including SERPS and the Panda update, Google + pages and the effect on blogger outreach. Growth of mobile and video, intense online competition, fragmentation of customers, social humanising the web and the growth of mobile and video.

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Chapter 2 -Danny Barasso from Hilton discusses the shift from offline to online and marketing to your target audience effectively.

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Chapter 3 - Expedia, Owners Direct and Hilton discuss reaching customers on a 1-2-1 level, re-igniting customers, budget allocation and personalisation online.

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Chapter 4 - Mercury Direct discuss building a Social Media strategy for the future. How their audience has been moving online and what they are doing about this and the different patterns of on and offline customers.

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Chapter 5 - The roundtable discuss Google and the verloading of travel listings in PPC. Is Google trying to be an aggregator, hat is their real motivation? What is the risk and is it all about aximising their revenue?

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Chapter 6 - Branding online. How do you manage consistency in your brand across Facebook, Twitter, Google and your own platforms and blog. Measuring Social Media results from CRM to booking. Are we meeting the customers needs through Twitter?

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Chapter7 - Travel as an experence product and Social Media. Hilton talk about launching videos purely for social, using and seeding video online and the importance of comments and discussions. Anna O'Brien argues the need for 10,000 Facebook fans, when you should be concentrating on communicating with people the way they want to be communicated with, know your demographic and target them with the right medium.

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Chapter8 - Summary. Including You Tube, keeping consistency with your brand. How do you do social well? The challenge of managing social and where to start. Fewer brand advocates are more important than 10,000 fans.

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