Greenlight's International Roundtable

Chapter 1

 Chapter 1 - Introduction

 Greenlight's Client Services Director, Chris Bland, introduces the panel.

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Chapter 2

 Chapter 2 - Is "Delivery, Currency, Language" the best sequence when setting  up in  foreign countries?

 Listen to the panel discussing how delivery pricing cuts margins in half, localised  pricing strategy drives higher conversions and tax considerations are among the  topics under discussion in chapter 2.

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Chapter 3

 Chapter 3 - Social Media Monitoring and Keeping it Authentic Internationally

 How do you structure the right people on the ground to keep it authentic? Does Social  Media need to stay localised, while PPC and SEO don't? If you are B2B, why do you  need to be on Facebook?  Watch chapter 3, to hear the discussions.

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Chapter 4

 Chapter 4 - What is the Best Structure for a Search and Social Media Strategy:  Local  or Centralised?

 The panel agree that Social Media strategy and fulfillment should remain centralised,  while bringing in local knowldege is key due to the nuance of local culture.  

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Chapter 5

 Chapter 5 - How do you approach different cultures when targeting different  countries?

When different markets work independently, how does an International Company work towards keeping their employees on brand. How do you stay fluid, are their fallback strategies in place?

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Chapter 6

 Chapter 6 - What do you put first? Experience in Online Marketing of Localised  Knowledge and Language?
 The panel discuss their experience of working with agencies to provide the expertise  and bringing in the localised knowledge on your behalf as a successful strategy, as  finding good people in new emerging markets is very difficult.

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Chapter 7

 Chapter 7 - Summary

 The panel conclude that over structuring and proceduralising wasn't the answer, and in  this case no structure is the right structure. Find out why in chapter 7.

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