Teletext steals Icelolly’s lead to become most visible site for holidays has knocked leading holiday price comparison site off top spot, to emerge the most visible site for holiday-related searches. This is according to the latest quarterly research, ' Holidays - Issue 14' by leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight.

The report highlights the most popular terms consumers used to search for long haul and short haul holidays on Google UK in August. It analysed which brands, retailers and review sites were the most visible in both the Natural Search* and Paid Media** results and therefore had the greatest share of consideration.

Greenlight's research reveals there were 3.9 million searches made for holiday-related keywords in August, up from 2.7 million in May.

The search terms 'cheap holidays' and 'holidays' were each queried 673,000 times. Combined, they accounted for 34% of all holiday-related searches.

In terms of long haul holiday destinations, 'Egypt holidays' accounted for the majority of searches (27,100) whilst 'Turkey holidays' (49,500) was the most popular for short haul. was the most visible site in the Natural Search listings, achieving a 64% share of voice. was the most visible advertiser in the Paid Media space, achieving an 83% share of visibility. was the most visible site for holiday-related searches overall as it achieved a sizable share of visibility across both the Natural Search and Paid Media listings. It moved up from fourth position in May to take first place in August, relegating to third spot. was not the only casualty in this regard. Greenlight's Integrated Search league table shows that although they remained in the top 10, and slipped down the ranks, the former two being unseated by which took second place whilst moved up to sixth.

Meanwhile, and were knocked out of the top 10 as new arrivals, and stepped in, the former moving up three places to take position eight, the latter moving four notches up to secure ninth place. 

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