Search volumes for web hosting up 100,000 on December 2009 levels

London, 14 May, 2010 - The potential for the web hosting market would seem to be substantial. In its latest quarterly report, ' Web Hosting Report March 2010', the UK's leading independent specialist search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) consulting firm, Greenlight, reveals that in March, there were 1.1 million online searches in the UK for web hosting services - an increase of 100,000 on December 2009 levels. Whilst searches for domain name registration-related terms accounted for 40% of the total search volume, the term 'Web hosting' was the most queried with search volume up 25,000 since December 2009.

Greenlight used industry data gathered in March 2010 to classify 1,500 of the most popular keywords used to search for web hosting services including dedicated hosting, domain name registration, email hosting, and web hosting terms. The data was also used to build an aggregate view and ranking of the top 60 most commonly appearing and prominent websites, as well as the respective size of the audience they were reaching as a result of their having that keyword-specific visibility, in both natural* and paid search**.

Some key findings reveal:

  • 123-Reg, Wikipedia and FastHosts were the most visible web hosting websites in natural search, accounting for 61%, 42% and 39% share of voice, respectively;
  • With 135,000 searches, 'Web hosting', the most queried term, accounted for 29% of the 464,000 web hosting-related online searches made by UK searchers in March 2010;
  • FastHosts was the most visible website for web hosting-related services, in natural search. It attained 59% visibility through ranking at position one for 14 keywords, including the term: 'Web hosting'. This was a 7% increase on its share of voice in Greenlight's December 2009 report;
  • 'Domain name' and 'Domain name registration' were the two most searched for domain name registration-related terms, accounting for 40,500 searches apiece. 123-Reg was the most visible website, achieving a dominant 91% share of voice;
  • Across the top 120 keywords, 1and1 was the most visible advertiser in March, attaining 61% visibility. This considerable share of voice was attained through bidding on more keywords (106) and, at an average ad position of six, appearing more often than any other advertiser in the paid space. It was followed by 123-Reg and GoDaddy with 47% and 41%, respectively;
  • increased its visibility by 21% in paid search, which saw it rank in fifth position, having featured at position 13 in Greenlight's December report;
  • GBBO's visibility increased the most in paid search, since Greenlight's previous report; it was a new entrant to Greenlight's top 60 advertisers, ranking at position eight with 28% share of voice;
  • Of the top 10 web hosting advertisers in paid search, nine were multi-channel service providers and one was a domain name and website supplier: GBBO.

(Greenlight's top 10 of the 60 most visible web hosting websites in both natural and paid search shows below. If you are unable to view the table please contact the press office)

Top 10 of the 60 most visible web hosting websites in both in natural and paid search, UK

No. Website/Advertiser Natural Search Paid Search
1 61% 47%
2 39% 39%
3 8% 61%
4 42% 0%
5 9% 33%
6 0% 41%
7 0% 34%
8 12% 21%
9 0% 32%
10 29% 2%

Source: Greenlight

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