Report reveals the most visible Lifestyle & Boutique Hotel sites, online

Greenlight will unveil findings of exclusive research charting the most visible Boutique & Lifestyle Hotel websites, at this year's international luxury hotel conference Boutique Hotel Summit. It takes place on 22-23 May at the Montcalm Hotel, London.

Commissioned by Boutique Hotel News, the report " Boutique & Lifestyle Hotels", uncovers the most popular search terms consumers use when they go to Google UK to look for specialist accommodation in domestic, short haul and long haul destinations.

Among others, popular generic search terms include 'Boutique cottages', 'Specialist hotels' 'Unique hotels' and 'Small luxury hotels'.

Destination-wise, Greenlight's research indicates that besides London, New York and Paris, the UK's Lake District and Sao Paolo also feature among the consumer's most sought after locations for boutique accommodation.  

Greenlight's report also analyses which brands, retailers and review sites are most visible in both the Natural Search and Paid Media results and thus have the greatest share of the searchers' consideration.

Interestingly, over 50 per cent of the most visible websites ranked in Greenlight's Integrated Search league table have no visibility in the organic listings, instead relying solely on visibility gained in the paid ad listings on Google, to attract the searchers' attention.

The report also assesses those players that have interacted well on Social Media networks. Hotel brands are noticeable for their absence.

Piers Brown, founder of Boutique Hotel Summit, comments:

"We are delighted to work with Greenlight to produce research focused solely on the boutique hotel sector. Boutique Hotel Summit was launched because we recognised the need for an event catering to this very specific niche in the hospitality industry, and now the boutique hotel sector has its own conference, we thought it deserved some bespoke research too. To some extent, the plethora of online marketing channels levels the playing field and allows boutique hotels to compete with the industry's bigger players. We know that some of them do a superb job with limited resources, and look forward to Greenlight's presentation which is sure to contain some takeaways for all our delegates."

Chris Bland, client services director at Greenlight, will be presenting the full findings of the report, on Thursday 23 May at 15.00-15.30.

The report will be made exclusive to delegates attending the summit and made available for download to non-attendees after the event.

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