Porsche and Jaguar roar into the 10 most searched for cars, online

Christmas is just around the bend and analysis of the latest automotive search data from Greenlight reveals Porsche and Jaguar have raced Toyota and Citroen off the track to become two of the ten most popular car brands that UK consumers have been eyeing up, online. 

Greenlight's quarterly " Automotive Sector Report - Issue 3", identified the most popular search terms and phrases consumers used when they searched on Google UK for cars in November, and ascertained which car manufacturer and dealer sites were most visible to their searches. 

According to Greenlight's research, over 11 million searches were made by consumers looking for cars online, up almost 5% on the previous quarter (August). 

'BMW' and 'Audi' were the two most queried terms overall, pulling in 368,000 searches each, seeing them retain joint first place among the top ten automotive-related queries. 

'Mercedes' followed in second, with 'Vauxhall' taking third spot.  

Search-wise, demand for the term 'Peugeot' enjoyed a 22% rise on August levels to see it move up a notch,  joining 'Volkswagen' and 'Ford' as the fourth most queried automotive-related terms overall.  

In contrast, search volumes for 'Hyundai' dropped 22% over the same period, relegating it to fifth. 

However, the most notable shift across the board was the entry of 'Porsche' and 'Jaguar' into November's top ten most queried terms, driving 'Toyota' and 'Citroen' out.  

Other findings from the report showed that both for manufacturer and dealer-specific queries, searches pertaining to Skoda, which had not featured in the previous quarter's queries, made an entry in November.  

Alongside Toyota and Hyundai, Skoda accounted for a 1% share of manufacturer-related searches, whilst 'Skoda dealers manchester' was among the top ten dealer-related queries.

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