Polish dating proves to have the most pulling power, online

UK consumers made over 682,000 online dating-related web queries in June, finds a new report by Greenlight. In terms of culture and preferences-related searches, the research reveals that those pertaining to Polish dating proved to be most popular.

The agency's first quarterly ' Online Dating Sector Report - Issue 1' profiled consumer online dating search behaviour, revealing the most popular search terms consumers used on Google UK and how these varied by desktops and mobile devices. The research also analysed which websites, advertisers and brands were most visible to those searches.

According to Greenlight, whilst the majority of online dating-related searches were made via desktops, a whopping 36% were made using mobile devices.

Greenlight's report shows free dating websites were a popular draw,  making up 15% of searches via  laptops and 26% on mobile devices, with the term 'free dating sites' proving most popular across both.

Queries for senior-related online dating were the most dominant in terms of age-related queries. 'mature dating' was queried 22,200 times accounting for the majority - 49% of searches made on desktops and 50% (4,400) on mobile devices.

Location-wise, London was the most popular spot on laptop-made searches with the term 'speed dating london' queried 4,400 times. 'london dating' followed then 'dating london'. However, on mobile searches, it was somewhat different. Whilst  'speed dating london' prevailed, 'NZ dating'  was  the second most queried term, followed by 'speed dating manchester'.

Queries pertaining to culture and preferences made up 15% (101,230) of overall online dating-related searches and the keyword 'polish dating' came out tops on both laptop and mobile searches, accounting for 25% and 16%, respectively. It was followed by 'asian dating', then 'christian dating'. 'dating for parents', 'disabled dating' and 'single parent dating' also featured prominently.

The most visible sites overall for online dating-related searches in the organic listings were telegraph.co.uk, eharmony.co.uk  then freedating.co.uk, attaining  a 46%, 40% and 37% share of visibility on desktops, respectively, and 56%, 55% and 47% on mobile devices.

In the paid listings, top10bestdatingsites.co.uk was the most visible advertiser on desktops achieving a 46% share of visibility. It was followed by match.com with 44%, and zoosk.com with 39%. It was different on mobile devices with zoosk.com commanding a 70% share of visibility. match.com followed with 51% then top10bestdatingsites.co.uk in third with 50%.

Guardian.co.uk was the most visible website in Greenlight's social media analysis.

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