Pet Insurance searches outperform those for Health Insurance

There were more searches made online for pet insurance than for health insurance, reveals the latest independent report from leading digital marketing agency, Greenlight.

The PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) estimates 13 million households have at least one pet. With various news reports about the cost of vet treatments going up and the cost of the average annual pet insurance policy over the past five years having increased to £223 compared to £166, it is little wonder consumers are shopping around and looking online for the best deals.

The agency's latest " Insurance Sector Report - Issue 16", which analysed the most popular terms consumers used when they went to online to look for motor, travel, home, pet and health insurance in May, reveals  that of the 2.6 million queries made on Google UK for insurance-related products, 142,671 (5.5%) pertained to insurance for pets compared to 98,142 (3.8%) for health insurance.

Interestingly, 16% of pet insurance-related searches were made using tablets & smartphones, whilst the majority, 84%, were made via computers.

The most popular terms used to look for pet insurance varied by device. On computers, 'pet insurance', 'dog insurance' and 'compare pet insurance' were the three most popular search terms.

However, on mobile devices, it was somewhat different with the terms 'pet insurance', 'dog insurance' and 'cat insurance' proving most popular.

Greenlight also analysed the most visible sites for pet insurance searches in the organic* and paid listings**.

On both computers and mobile devices, was the most prominent site in the organic listings. It was visible to 92,207 of pet insurance-related queries made via computers which secured it a 77% share of visibility. followed with 75% then with 67%.

However, on mobile devices, whilst and also ranked first and second in Greenlight's league table, attaining an 81% and 77% share of voice in natural search, respectively, took third spot with a 65% share of visibility. meanwhile came in sixth with a 50% share of visibility.

In the paid listings, was the most visible advertiser on computers dominating with a 90% share of voice whilst on mobile devices, it was, securing a 79% share of visibility.

Greenlight's report also ascertained the most visible brands on Social Media networks. Money Saving Expert was the most visible brand followed by then Aviva, which also had the largest number of 'likes' on its Facebook page.

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