PC and Laptop-related searches prove most popular

This week kicked off with Cyber Monday, the online Christmas shopping surge peak, although Amazon is predicting the real peak will be next Monday, 5 December, 9pm. IMRG expects UK shoppers will spend an estimated £7.75 billion online throughout December. So when it comes to consumer online searches for cameras, camcorders, DVD players and recorders, entertainment products, PCs, laptops and TVs, which of these products will prove most popular, search-wise, in the run up to Christmas? What of online retailers - which sites will be most visible to these searches?

If findings from the latest research by leading specialist search and social marketing firm Greenlight, serve as an indicator, perhaps PCs and laptops? Its latest report Brown Goods - Issue 9 reveals that in August, they accounted for the largest share (35%) of the 1.5 million brown goods-related searches conducted by UK consumers online. Amazon was the most visible site in both natural search and paid media. Meanwhile Appliances Online was the most visible brand in Greenlight's social media analysis.

Other findings to emerge from the report reveal:

• PC and laptop product terms (which included brand terms such as Acer and Toshiba) were the most searched for, totalling over 532,000 searches in August. In fact, four of the top 10 keywords related to PCs and laptops, indicating the importance for multi-channel retailers. PC World was the most visible website in natural search, achieving a 61% share of visibility

• Searches for entertainment products were also high, accounting for 34% of all searches made for the sector overall. The term 'IPod' was queried 165,000 times. It therefore accounted for 32% (the majority) of all searches made for the entertainment subsector. Interestingly, Apple achieved a 57 per cent share of visibility, compared to Amazon's 67% in natural search

• For the TV subsector, the keywords 'Samsung TV' and 'television' were each queried 22,200 times, cumulatively accounting for 26% of all searches made for this subsector. Curry's was the most visible website in natural search, achieving a 47% share of voice, ranking tops in Greenlight's league table

• Searches for cameras and camcorders (including brand terms) accounted for more than 183,000 searches. The search term 'camera' was queried 33,100 times, accounting for 18% of searches relating to this subsector. In natural search, Amazon and Jessops were the two most visible sites

• For DVD players and recorders, the term 'portable DVD player' was queried 22,200 times, accounting for 21% of all searches made for the subsector

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