Our Head of SEO speaking at this year’s PerformanceIN Live event

We're pleased to announce that Bea Patman, Head of SEO at Greenlight Digital, will be speaking at this year's PerformanceIn Live event, which is taking place on 24-25th October in London. The event celebrates measurable marketing across all channels, and focuses on how best to measure, learn and optimise digital performance.

Joining up the dots between SEO and UX

As part of PerformanceIn's Conversion, Acquisition & Retention agenda stream, Bea will be speaking on how to marry SEO and UX principles to develop an organic, audience-driven strategy focused on maximising visibility. Over the last year, we've seen SEO and UX overlap to a point where they can no longer be viewed as separate channels, which is compounded by algorithm changes by Google which favour usability signals as a ranking factor. Understanding these two areas and how they complement one another will be imperative for digital marketers going forward, and to clarify the areas to be considered and understood, Bea will be providing strategic insights to aid marketers.

What will digital marketers get from the session?

In order to create an SEO and UX-tailored strategy, digital marketers first need to understand the foundations of why a user-centric approach to organic growth is beneficial in digital today. Bea's session will highlight the latest changes in the industry which have contributed to this, and the actions to take in order to improve organic visibility as a result.

While SEOs and UX specialists should certainly work closely together and align their processes, they each need to take the time to understand the fundamentals of how each channel works. From there, the technical and search-based data analytics that SEOs have to hand can drive UX decisions, while UX teams are able to share valuable usability insights and pain points with SEOs.

As well as identifying the benefits of a user-centric SEO approach, Bea will also cover the areas of contention that exist between the two sides, particularly when it comes to on-site navigation preferences. To overcome this, Bea will highlight the middle ground to meet on when it comes to navigation and content, in order to give a clear picture on how to ensure your site is both audience-focused and fully SEO-optimised.

See Bea speak at PerformanceIn Live on 25th October at 10h30-11h15 - get your 10% discount to the event here.

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