Online searches for TVs set to soar in the lead up to the FIFA World Cup

London, 25 May, 2010 - A total of 16.5 million searches for brown goods were conducted online in March by UK consumers - 9% up on February levels, reveals the latest research from the UK's leading independent specialist search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) consulting firm, Greenlight. The report ' Brown Goods March 2010', which covers entertainment products, TVs, DVD players and recorders, PCs and laptops, Cameras and camcorders, also predicts searches for television sets in June will get a boost compliments of the FIFA World Cup.

Greenlight used industry data gathered in March, to classify 940 of the most popular search terms UK consumers used to find brown goods. The information was also used to assess and rank the 60 websites and brands that were most visible in Google for both natural* and paid search**.

Key findings from the report reveal:

  • Entertainment product terms (which include MP3 players, personal video players, audio and iPod products, and brand terms such as Sennheiser and Apple), were the most searched for (6.2 million searches), accounting for 38% of brown goods-related searches in March. PCs and laptops followed with 26% then TVs with 16%;
  • The term 'iPod' accounted for 1.8 million searches, which was 11% of all brown goods-related searches. 'Televisions' followed with 9% then 'Desktop PCs' with 6%;
  • Although the search volume for the term 'Televisions' dropped significantly since November 2009, Greenlight predicts there will be an upsurge in searches in the lead up to June, as there will be a number of consumers who will look to purchase a new TV to watch the FIFA World Cup;
  • Overall, Amazon was the most visible website for brown goods-related keywords. It achieved 55% share of voice in natural search through ranking at position one on Google for 95 of the 940 keywords analysed, including the term 'Speakers', which accounted for 450,000 searches in March. Wikipedia and Kelkoo followed with 32% and 25% of share of voice, respectively. Amazon was also the most visible advertiser in paid search with 43% visibility;
  • Ebuyer increased its share of voice in natural search by 5% since November 2009, which saw it ascend Greenlight's league table from position 14 to eight;
  • For entertainment-related products, Twitter, the social networking site, attained position four in Greenlight's natural search rankings, having not featured in the top 20 websites in November 2009. This was achieved almost solely through ranking at position three for the term 'iPod';
  • Consistent with Greenlight's previous report, Jessops was the most visible website, attaining 68% visibility for camera and camcorder-related searches;
  • The term 'Portable DVD player' was queried 301,000 times in March and accounted for 23% of all DVD player and recorder product searches. Pixmania made notable strides, in terms of its visibility, in this segment which saw it move from position 10 to five in Greenlight's league table;
  • The BBC achieved 60% share of voice for TV product terms due to relevant TV-related content and credibility through links. Meanwhile, JohnLewis increased its share of visibility by 21% since November which saw it ascend from position nine to six;
  • In paid search, Tesco increased its share of voice since November by 16%, which saw it move up the advertiser ranks from position nine to four;
  • Of the top 10 advertisers in Greenlight's paid search league table, six were brown goods retailers, three were brown goods manufacturers (although Sony, Dell and Apple also act as retailers) and one was an aggregator;
  • In both natural and paid search (integrated search), Amazon, Tesco and Argos were the three most visible brown goods websites overall with Tesco ascending Greenlight's league table from position five to two since November 2009.

(Table showing Greenlight's top 10 of the 60 most visible Brown Goods websites in both natural and paid search, shows below. If you are unable to view it please contact the press office)

Top 10 of the 60 most visible Brown Goods websites in both in natural and paid search, UK

No. Website/Advertiser Natural Search Paid Search
1 55% 43%
2 13% 33%
3 22% 23%
4 8% 35%
5 7% 34%
6 16% 19%
7 25% 10%
8 32% 0%
9 25% 2%
10 18% 8%

Source: Greenlight

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