Greenlight wins New Look’s Integrated Search Account

London, 9 March, 2010 - Award winning independent search marketing agency Greenlight has been appointed by leading UK fashion retailer New Look, to oversee and manage its search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC)* account.

Initially appointed in August 2009, Greenlight took over New Look's PPC account from Fusion. In the same month, Greenlight also assumed responsibility for New Look's SEO activity from EiB.

Established in 1969, New Look sells affordable clothing to young, fashion conscious consumers from children to adults, including Menswear and Maternity. New Look's brand is about "delivering fashion excitement, newness and value so it translates the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets as fast as it can, providing customers with fashion that is bang on trend - and great value to boot."

Greenlight's main objectives for New Look's SEO and PPC campaign include:

  • Deliver a strong return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase visitor volumes by 50%
  • Increasing the volume of new consumer acquisitions to New Look's site
  • Improving New Look's positioning via the Hitwise weekly market share in 'Shopping and Classifieds'.

James Davey, Head of Online Marketing at New Look said: "The combined efforts and expertise of Greenlight's SEO and PPC teams to date have already achieved results well beyond our expectations, exceeding ROI and visitor targets of 100% within two weeks. Visitor volumes are up 101% when compared to 2008 and continue to rise week on week. E-commerce takings during the Christmas week were up 625% when compared to the previous year, with recorded totals coming in at £1.35 million."

Using SearchSentry™ and gCentral™, Greenlight's highly commended proprietary PPC and SEO technologies, an assessment was made of consumer behavior patterns to identify trends.

Greenlight's team then looked at the structure of New Look's site and how this could be best replicated into a pay per click structure. Greenlight started by adapting New Look's search term structure, adding in any missing terms. New Look is known for being affordable, therefore initially to drive visitors, terms for cheap, affordable and variations were added to the account. The structure was then improved by the addition of clothing specifics by adgroup, through to pricing and colour trends styles per category, to reach all possible searches. Efforts were also focused on those specific products that drive higher sales and revenue.

A similar process was followed with the SEO strategy. Greenlight approached the campaign using its proprietary ARC methodology (A - Accessibility, R - Relevancy, C - Credibility). Accessibility involved site structure and site wide coding analysis to ensure search engines were not impeded from indexing any pages. Relevancy recommendations addressed the key on page elements which search engines use as key signals to determine a website's relevance, including content creation and content improvement. Credibility involves link analysis, link credibility consolidation and an ongoing link building programme, designed to deliver prominent rankings for the most profitable keywords based on an analysis of conversion rates and average order values.

Other of Greenlight's key success indicators on New Look's account to date include:

  • New Look moving from 4th to 3rd most visible Fashion Retail site within two months (source: Hitwise)
  • New Look moving from 27th to 18th most visited retail site within three months of Greenlight's work (source: IMRG-Hitwise Hot Shops List of the top 50 UK retailers), compared to 27th
  • Through Greenlight's SEO campaign, New Look has become the 5th most visible website in natural** search across all generic clothing keywords. Previously it ranked 11th. (Source: Greenlight Fashion Sector Reports Q4, and Q3 2009, respectively).*** In natural and paid search (i.e integrated search), New Look is the 4th most visible site up from 8th in the previous quarter

Warren Cowan, CEO of Greenlight added: "The rapid success of the search programme for New Look demonstrates the huge benefits of having a search specialist like Greenlight manage both the natural and paid search channels as an integrated, highly focused, and cost effective programme of improvement. New Look is growing from strength to strength as a leading business and it is great to see search now becoming a key contributing channel to its current and future growth."

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