Greenlight study reveals SkyScanner and EBookers top Google flights search results for Q3 2009

London, 19 November, 2009 - Greenlight, the UK's leading independent search marketing agency, has released its latest integrated quarterly research for the flight industry. The most recent study covers Q3 2009 and consists of paid search as well as natural search analysis, to offer a fully integrated report.

The research is based on more than 139 million searches that took place in Q3 2009 for 3200 of the most popular flight-related terms consumers search for, including both generic and destination-led keywords. This data was then used to rank the most visible brands on page one of Google's search results.

According to Greenlight's report, the most visible websites in natural search results during September 2009 are SkyScanner, CheapFlights and TravelSupermarket, reaching 90%, 68% and 68% of the searching audience respectively. Seven of the top ten websites were aggregators, while the remaining three were direct providers.

SkyScanner topped the league table again when analysing generic keywords for natural search, this is due largely to its position one, page one ranking for the term 'flight', for which it attained 98% visibility. CheapFlights takes pole position when looking specifically at domestic, short and long haul destination keywords, which is consistent with Greenlight's previous flight sector report for Q2 2009.

The paid search section of the report determines an advertiser's share of voice based on how often they appear on Google, which ad position they are bidding for and the search volume generated for the keywords they bid on. The ranking represents visibility across the top 120 keywords in September 2009.

EBookers has the greatest share of voice in paid search reaching 77%, achieved largely by EBookers' effective bidding on 112 of the top 120 keywords analysed at an average ad position of eight. In the paid search league table, seven of the top ten advertisers were aggregators and only three were direct providers (Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines and British Airways). CheapFlights achieved position one in Greenlight's integrated search league table due to its relatively equal exposure in both natural and paid search.

Greenlight currently produces quarterly research reports on flight, online gaming and hotel sectors. They also cover a broad cross section of industries including insurance, mortgages & loans, credit cards, car hire and online dating, amongst others.

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