Greenlight Partners with Mortgage27 to Deliver Analysis of Online Search Behaviour in the Mortgage Market

Greenlight is delighted to announce a partnership with Mortgage27, to provide, via subscription to the companies' Mortgage Market Intelligence Reports, a detailed monthly analysis of online search behaviour relating specifically to the mortgage sector.

This analysis is powered by Greenlight's award winning Hydra technology, a unique cloud based platform that analyses consumer activity across multiple online channels.

Hydra delivers detailed data analysis on which websites, advertisers, and brands are the most visible in the Google UK Natural Search, Paid Media Listings, and Social Media when consumers search for mortgage-related terms.

This new analysis will complement the other data that forms Mortgage27's 'Mortgage Market Intelligence Reports. Via these reports, subscribers are able to analyse historic trends in Mortgage Product rates and criteria (dating back to 2004), view the latest and historic trends in online search inputs (such as average Loans to Value ratio being requested, average income levels stated, and most popular time of day of searches), as well as an analysis of output results, i.e. which products, and Lender brands, are seen most frequently by consumers online.

The reports are primarily subscribed to by Lenders, who use them to analyse the position of their product range and criteria versus competitors, to identify changes in demographic trends that they can exploit, and to analyse how changes in product rates and criteria increase their market reach in the online environment.

James Tucker, Managing Director of Mortgage27, commented:

"Mortgage 27's existing subscribers are delighted with our decision to deliver these reports digitally. We know the value they place on the content and how important it is to their businesses, and we wanted to help maximise the usability of that data. Working with Kortext, and all the additional layer of search -related intelligence that the partnership with Greenlight brings to our reports, will help us deliver the best possible service".

About Hydra:

Hydra is Greenlight's performance platform for growing revenue search engine optimisation (SEO) and Integrated Search Marketing. Cloud based on Microsoft Azure, and completely scalable, it allows marketers to accelerate and automate revenue growth from SEO, whilst tracking its ROI and integrating it with Paid Search to boost efficiency. Hydra supports both agency customers and direct clients alike.

About Mortgage27:

Mortgage27 provides Comparison sites, Estate Agents, Lenders and Financial Intermediaries a comprehensive suite of interactive web based mortgage search tools that simplify the mortgage discovery process for their website visitors.

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