Greenlight Digital participating at Lotame’s Ignite Europe Conference

We're proud to announce that we'll be participating at Lotame's very first Ignite Europe conference. Lotame is a leading independent data management platform (DMP) that allows businesses to collect, organise, and activate audience data from multiple sources to power efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

Greenlight Digital participating at Lotame's Ignite Europe Conference

Lotame Ignite Europe will be taking place Tuesday, 7th November 2017 at the Mayfair Hotel in London, and will include senior level executives from Lotame's top marketer, agency and publisher clients who have successfully partnered with its DMP technology. On the day, delegates will deliver actionable insights, networking and global and regional best practices.

The event will see our Director of Paid Media, Hannah Kimuyu, and our Data and Insights Senior Strategy Manager, Wojciech Bednarz, deliver a talk on our experiences and successes using Lotame's DMP technology, entitled "Spotlight on Greenlight Data Management".

View the agenda and learn more at

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